Parent with purpose


This class is designed to give you a series of tools and concepts that will help you parent with purpose.  Parenting with the end in mind. The classes build on each other, and at the end of each class you will enjoy a guided imagery experience.

You are Invited to Experience a 5 Week Transformational
 Parenting Series

Here’s what you’ll get:

Class one:

“What Do We Want?”
(Every Parent is Different . . . Getting Clear on Your Goals Will Help You Stay Focused
on What is Important to YOU.)

We’ll talk about:

Clarifying a parenting style that works for you (and the long-term benefits and effects
 of various styles).
How we want our day to look. (Setting clear objectives gives you a framework to help
 find a more ideal flow.)
Important ways we want our children to be successful as adults. (Having a target to
 work towards will help guide everyday interactions . . . and make you and your child
 more likely to find success.)
The power of a sense of self: helping a child make wise choices.

Class two:
 “How Do We Achieve That?”
(A Few Key Concepts that Can Make a Big Difference.)

We’ll talk about:

How to build a child’s sense of self and instill personal values. (I’ll give you techniques
that can help you create an internal parent for your child that will guide them in all
 areas of their lives.)
How to be clear and consistent with expectations and consequences.
How to teach children to set and achieve goals. (This skill will help them throughout
their lives.)

Class three:
 “It’s Not Always Easy: Common Reasons for Children’s Challenging Behavior”

We’ll talk about:

Discipline v. Punishment.
Ages and stages of natural consequences. (Different techniques for different
developmental stages.)
Effective reprimand techniques that let your child feel safe. (I’ll teach you discipline
techniques that encourage self-worth, responsibility, and independent decision-

Class four:
 “What to do When They Don’t Listen: Simple, Positive Communication Skills to Help
 You Connect with and Support Your Child.”

We’ll talk about:

Constructive communication skills and techniques.
What to do when you’re angry (and what to teach your child to do when they’re angry).
A simple communication technique that will support your child’s problem-solving skills
(another skill they can use for life).

Class five:
 “To Raise Leaders, Be a Leader: Simple, Proven Strategies for Modeling Desired

We’ll talk about:

Stress management strategies (so you can be the present parent you want to be!)
Recognizing personal victories (success builds on success)
Boundaries (how to model personal power) .